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Monday, October 13, 2014

Motorcycle Man painting

This painting hung in the back stairwell of Crapo Hall while I was at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology(1995-1999) I always loved this painting and I felt like I may have been the only person (at an engineering school full of painfully stereotypical engineers) that would stop and look at it. I wanted to steal it, but thought is would be too selfish to horde something so beautiful. The painting is huge, maybe 2ft by 4ft, and the bike is life size or a little bigger. The oil painted chrome is amazing. It is signed "M-B-M 1974"

The other thing that amazed me about this painting was the art curator for the school at the time. She was the tiniest old woman I had ever seen; she still wore a pillbox hat, this was the mid-1990's for goodness sake. I thought that she must never make it over to that stairwell and didn't know that this was hanging there. I've made several trips to Rose-Hulman since I've graduated and the painting was no where to be found. I figured it was in storage and forgotten or stolen and hanging in a fraternity house somewhere. At any rate, a few years ago, I found it again. It is in a major hallway of Moench Hall - the primary academic building. I guess someone else appreciates it too.

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