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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hypercharger to Mooneyes: Part 2

Alright, alright. Lummie welded up the nipples on my coolant pipes for my carb warmer bypass. If you want to run OEM parts you can buy the pipes for an FI 1500 Vulcan, but be sure to get the rubber hose to the head for FI model, too. The FI head pipe is shorter than the carb head pipe and won't reach the carb'ed rubber hose.

Water pump pipe in place.

Head pipe in place.

Time to get the rest of the anti-freeze out. I have always wondered why all the service manual have instructions to wash the burp can with dishsoap. After seeing this burp can, I understand.

Fill it up, shake it until the bubbles stop.  Fill it again, over and over.

Fill the burp can, too. When I get it running again, I will bleed it, too.

Let's check the radiator cap while we are here. Yep, it's about half what it should be. I'll need to replace that.

I had all the metal parts of the airbox adaptor powdercoated. They look sweet.

I love this airbox set-up. Remember you saw it on a 1500 Vulcan here, first.

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