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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 7

Mike's Pan. Rode in, rode out.

Man shifting.

Texas Mark's both.

Cool girder.

I have met the owner of the 1948 with all the chrome in background. I'm not sure who owns the more stockish 1948 in the foreground.

Here's my haul on the day. Brake pads for my bike's goofy 77-83 DD Narrow glide to wideglide front end. Those were from Mark's "shop in the nineties". A brand new made in USA 25 tooth transmission sprocket. Some mismatched pop bottle grips and of course some pegs for the pegboard.

A broke shovelhead that wasn't one of ours. It was just a battery problem.

Airhead with a Vetter rig.

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