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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 8

Here's a look at Trent's super secret squirrel set-up. Hand shift with foot clutch and a hand clutch. The hand clutch being for stops.

This is Trent's super secret squirrel oil pump plug.

Yes, Jason's e-starter came loose again. I keep telling him to go kick only, but...

Another cool shovelhead outside the show.

Shovel Bum's bike is actually looking like a bike these days.

Okay, I don't get it. Yes, I made a recent model bike look old with a faux primer paint job, but there is a bunch of money in these bikes and the paint has been scuffed to crap to look cool, but the bikes don't even look old.

This is suppose to be the fastest street Harley in the state.

This a good example of a bike that could be built reasonably well for a reasonable cost with swapmeet parts, except the motor of course.

I'm not a whitewall fan, but otherwise it is solid and simple.

More man shifting.

Another Jeff Williams OKC show in the books.

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