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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cuss and Swear

So I was reviewing my teardown pics to see how the everything under the clutch cover came apart, when I came across these pictures. Oh crap did those not go back in? NOPE still on the cart under a rag. Could I get them in without taking the heads off?

I thought I could pinch the head acorns a little tighter and save the head gaskets if the heads didn't come off.

Rocker covers go back off, again.

Rockerboxes come off.

Take the camchain tensioner off and hope for the best.

Cam is out again. Yep the heads hold the shoe in place and the heads have to come off.

There's the spot for it and these headgaskets are shot. It will be Tuesday before I know if I can get them locally or I'll have to order them.

Now it's installed.

I have to do the same for the other cylinder, but I won't do it until I have gaskets.

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