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Monday, July 5, 2010

You say buddy peg, I say rear suspension

Alright the hardtail shovelhead isn't that rough of a ride, but sometimes you need a little help. I'm definately understanding why so many folks run mid controls on a hardtail frame. It's a lot of easier to stand on mids and use your legs as shock absorbers(like we teach like in the MSF Basic Rider Course.) Running forward controls and 16 inch apes is comfortable to me, but when I see a sign like this or hit some rough bridges, pulling myself up on those bars makes me think those bars are going end up in my lap and me in the ditch.

Here's my solution. This is buddy peg set up for a four speed frame. It mounts to the tranny plate. I had it powdercoated satin black of course.

Red loc-tite here.

Grade 8 flange bolts, locking flange nuts, star lock washers.

Clears everything, but won't fold down all the was because the bolt is like one thread to long.

These peg rubbers are all chalky, but the wire brush helped out.

Take the pegs mounts off and put a nut on to lock the bolt, then shorten the bolts.

Perfect. I can't wait to try them out.

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