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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lacing Wheel(Wrong and Right)

Here's my front rim and hub cover fresh from the powdercoater.

Time to get started. (This is not correct, but I still have to publish the pictures.)

Seemed right.

I used extra fine steel wool to clean the spokes. This may have dulled the chrome a bit, but that's still a part of the look I'm going for.

First set in.(wrong)

Second set(still wrong)

Other side, still wrong.

The boy helps a bit.

Done, but all wrong.

This should have been my first clue, I couldn't get the spokes to tighten for a long time.

Spokes are almost through the nipples and the wheel is not tight yet.

Wheel is finally tight, but look at this. This ain't right.

The spokes should look like this. What my buddy J. calls cross three pattern, not a cross two like I built. I'm glad I still had a good example and pictures, too. I had checked both of them before my first try, but still screwed it up.

I had to wrench the thing back apart and re-map the pattern.

With the first set in, the second set crosses three, like this.

I got this first side done. Then the other side looked like this. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! The spokes on the other side still in the hub, jacked up the powdercoat a bit. At least on the left side and rough is the look for this bike.

The wheel tight now and the spokes aren't out the nipples.

Full preview of the front wheel.

Now the rear wheel. I won't scratch this one!

This one is easy. The little spokes just make an X.

Piece of cake.

They're together! Now I have to true them.

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