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Saturday, January 12, 2013

CT70 Levers and Shocks

These came of the red bike, and they are the only ones I have. They are a bit different in length and the front left has been wreck modified and reshaped way too curvy.

Columbus loves his torch.

Pretty much as straight as I want it.It got a little to hot and needs a bit of file work because it kind of melted.

Not perfect, but the plan is to plasti-dip almost the whole lever.

Back to what's left of the red bike. Pull the last shock.

It actually squats and the frame sits pretty decent on the tire.

I need the good handlebar knobs for my build so I'll get those.

I need these reflectors, too.

The shocks need to be torn down. So I got my tool and my helper.

All the bushing and bumper look surprising good.

The right one is bent, but not as bad as the right one off the blue bike.

The left one moves real good, but both on their way to Scooter for rework.

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