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Saturday, January 5, 2013

CT70 Steering stop and neck repair

I'm not a weldor and I need this neck fixed up before powdercoat. So I went to Columbus' place to have him help me. It's pretty awesome to have Columbus help. I just watched and took pictures while he did all the work.

First get rid of the last guy's crappy repair.

Cut the welds.

Knock off the piece.

Clean it up some more.

And some more.

I had planned on using a piece of DOM 1.750 roll bar tubing with a .1875 wall like this one.But Columbus said that was too much work to get to the same end. He had this piece metal laying around with a slight curve to it already.

Just about the right width for the stop, too.

Cut to length, not the safest technique, but you know how Columbus rolls, YOLO.

Heat it up.

Hammer it round.

Looking better.

A little more heat and hammering and we got it nice and tight.

Drag everything into the garage and closer to the MIG welder.

Spot weld in place.

Remove C-clamp and finish weld.

Solid as a rock.

Pretty it up a bit.

Very nice.

A bit too long, so cut that back to just enough.

Of course this bike has been wrecked hard at some point. The part is rolled up and messed up, too.

More MIG.

More clean up. The was some inside clean-up with a dremel tool, but I missed the picture.

Pretty everything up to real nice.

Ready for powdercoat. We left he bearing race in for now for support and mostly through the frame powdercoating. It will get replace with a new bearing when I built it back up.

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