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Friday, January 4, 2013

CT70 Teardown to Frame Part 4

More red bike teardown. I'll take the right shock off next.

Wow this rubber bushing actually looks decent.

This tube is a bit rough, but may useable.

Rear fender next.

This picture is not for the sake of teardown how-to, but a good note of routing things going back up.

Same here.

Rear fender off. Straighter, but rustier that the blue bike's rear fender. I'll let the powdercoater decide which will be best to use.

Front fender mount bolt goes into the nut plates on the horn.

Fender and horn off.

I should have figure out this front brake cable before I took the fender off. I just took the guide off.

Off the kickstand and strapped down to the stand, so I can get the engine out.

This was already apart, but the picture is a note to self on how this should go back together.

Four bolts to the frame for the engine guard.

Two bolts through the engine guard and peg mount/stand go in the crankcase.

Engine guard off. Wow that thing is nasty. I wonder if it will fit into my crockpot.

Throw the frame bolts but in for safe keeping.

Two more bolts hold the pegmount/stand to the engine case.

I thought something was off. Three of of the pegmount bolts were 13mm hex head and one was 12mm hex head. I hadn't used a 13mm on either of these bike before. Somebody swapped some hardware at some point.

This exhaust bracket attaches to the top motor mount.

Similar to this airbox nut.

This bolt holds the airbox here, too.

The boot goes into the body and makes getting the airbox off tough. I think you're suppose to take the carb off before the airbox, but I didn't want to.

The boot is bad so I just ripped everything apart.

Top bolt is exposed and ready to come out, but I am smart enough to remember to pull the rear mount bolt first otherwise the front of the motor will flop down.

You have to get the brake pedal springs out of the way to get at the rear mount bolt.

Rear mount bolt out.

The nut on the front mount bolt is this this crazy spacer nut.

Front bolts comes out and motor will drop, but remember to unplug the ign/gen plug. DOH!

Mounts back in the case. I should buy some Marvel oil and fill this motor to see if I can get it to un-siezed for a future rebuild.

Neither of these bike knew what hit and the red bike will look like that blue one real soon, and the blue one will be black soon too.

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