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Thursday, February 14, 2013

CT70 KO Front Fork Teardown

Getting into these forks.

First note is that one upper keeper(8) has a busted pin. I have a new one to replace it.

Remember the weep hole and the top keeper pin go to the inside.

The Honda book says put the top keeper flats into a vise first, but man is this awkward.

A pin punch and hammer start things. The spring(5) is basically a right handed thread for the keeper.

Once it's started it comes apart real easy.

I guess I should have bought four bumpers(10).

A roll pin(13) holds the piston(11), leg(2), and bottom keeper(3) together.

Roll pin is out and the pistons is totally shelled out. The bottom keeper and spring come apart like the top keeper and spring, but I didn't a picture.

The glide(6) will now slide off.

Then the seal(14), gator(9), and retainer nut(7).

These are going to need to be cleaned up.

After the first teardown, I figured out the best way is to remove the roll pin first.

This makes getting the springs out of the keeper a lot easier.

Everything's apart and on the bench.

After a bath in Columbus' parts cleaner.

These legs are bad, but it's not as critical as true hydraulic fork.

Columbus gets to smoothing out the rough spots on the lathe. These legs are not even truly round more like a seamed pipe.

Now to mask off the working parts. To fix up the showing parts.

A light glass bead blast.

A little clear coat on the showing bit should help.

We tried to clean these, but it looks like they will get powdercoated.

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