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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shovelhead 4 Speed Saga: Going Up Part 2

I have picked one 35337-36 Snap ring 3rd gear ms, one 35050-40 Locktab for the main bearing, one 35231-36 mainshaft cork seal, and two spare 12022 mainshaft seals. This should solve my parts issues.

Figure 1. Mainshaft Rightside

I need to back up just a have a step because I wasn't happy about the lack of  photos of the mainshaft and mainshaft gear cluster and how they go together.

Here's the old main shaft(8) and mainshaft gear cluster(25).

This is how they go together and how the shaft is orientated in the transmission

In my last post I had flipped the shaft when I was showed the issues of getting the new cluster onto to mainshaft. So those pictures had the shaft and cluster in opposite orientation like this.

At any rate here is the new shaft and cluster assembled in proper orientation.

Back to the problem with the mainshaft and double sealed fourth gear. We oiled the mainshaft again.

But it still won't fit into the double sealed fourth gear.

We pulled both seals and checked those on the shaft and they slide no problem.

We checked the shaft to the gear and discovered our problem. We had checked the bushing to shaft clearance before machining for the second seal but not after machining the gear and bushing. The new edge of the bushing had a tiny burr raised on the edge and it was enough to not let the shaft through. We should have checked the shaft to bushing after machining and before adding the seals.

We broke the edge with a needle file.

Fits now.

Reset seal number one.

Reset seal number two.

Looks good.

Check fits good.

So greased the outer seal real well and then realized we couldn't install fourth gear into case because the 4th gear bearing thrust washer was still stuck to my old fourth gear about 30 miles away at my house. So much for having all the parts I needed to build with.

So on to the left end of the main shaft.
Figure 2 Mainshaft Leftside

New sealed mainshaft bearing(1) goes in the mainshaft bearing housing(8).

The bearing assembly slides onto the left end of the mainshaft.

It's a press fit and you can't heat bearing in the over so a deep well socket and a hammer make things go together.

Check to make sure it's seated well.

The mainshaft bearing nut(6) will need to be torqued. So I got my aluminum soft jaws that are designed to hold round stuff.

Add the locktab(7) for the bearing nut.

Add the bearing nut(6). We had to work on the threads on the shaft and the nut, because both were a bit boogered.

The soft jaws weren't quite enough to hold the shaft and torque the nut to 55 ft*lbs.

The solution was to clamp the old mainshaft shift clutch(15) in the vise.

And use it to hold the mainshaft for the nut torquing.


Bend a tab.

Ready to stick into the case, but I need to get that thrust washer.

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