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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Aerostich Triple Digit Covers

I got a set of these for Fathers' Day. Every glove in the motorcycle store says "Water Proof", but I haven't found any yet. It seems I have tested a bunch of them in a few frog drowning storms.  I am pleased with these for fit and quality. I think they are sized true to the glove size numbers. The XL fits nicely over my winter gloves and of course my summer gloves. They don't take up much space in bag or pocket either.

They look goofy, but they should work nice. I opted for orange, because when you're day is already crappy enough to need these, then extra visibility is a good thing.

There's a wiper on the left thumb that should be handy.

Some reflective stuff on the cuff, too.

I'll give a more conclusive review once I get caught in the rain with them.

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