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Friday, June 7, 2013

Installing Ceramic Tire Balancing Beads with a Turkey Marinade Injector

I have been running ceramic balancing beads(AKA Dyna Beads) in my tires for quite awhile now. I am happy with them, but anyone reading motorcycle forums already has an opinion about them,

Installing them in a tubeless tire before you set the bead is easy. Installing them through a valve stem into a tube or already installed tire is a trick. I have tried pouring them slowly with a little bottle, using an etcher to vibrate them in, and hitting them with compressed air, but none of those method was fun or very effective or efficient. I have discovered that puffing in a little at a time with a Cajun marinade injector syringe with the needle or hose works pretty good and pretty quick. I tried to get industrial 10 gauge needles and syringes to sell when I was in the balancing bead business, but I found that I can't beat the price of a marinade kit from the grocery store especially the week after Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

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