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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just a little a bit of Shovelfest

Finally made it to Shovelfest. This the coolest trike built and owned by The Things family.

It was hot and so humid the evaporator style coolers didn't help.

Kenny the Cable Guy, RCFlyer(Richie)(back of his head), Jim and Thing 2.

Thing 1 and 2, Dennis, and George, et al.

Some folks are happier to be here than others. Chill out, Chris(Cobrafixxer)

Party time! I need a better camera or learn to use the low light settings better.

Early the next morning.

Shhhhh! Big Orange is still sleeping.

George's fried egg sammiches to start the day.

The Queen's bike.

The local Sheriff was trying to break up the party.

ChengDave's bike in the tent.

Sebastian works with the proper Shovelhead torque grunt.

Time to work on mine.

New stainless stroker pushrod keepers from BigJim via Fritz and float bowl screws from ChengDave.

We did 29.5 intermediate and 72 main this time. The new bowl screws are nice. I must have been getting tired and hot, because my pictures taper off a bit. I did the clips on the pushrods and re-did the seals on the front two pushrods with blue silicon feeling seals that were laying around.

Rick couldn't start my bike, but I started it and let him tests the new jets.

Still not right. RCflyer(Richie) made the call. Make advance weights. He pulled them for me and sure  enough not terrible, but not great. One weight was floppy and there were witness marks on both. Richie tracked down a nearly new set from 3RDWheel(Dean) and fixed it. Thanks a ton guys.  I thought I had more pictures of all that, but the heat and PBR must have affected my camera finger. It most likely an exhaust or a tight rear exhaust pushrod, but the engine was too hot to fix that stuff now.

Getting to the evening.

I need to try this with my bike and Caravan.

Thunderstorms stayed south of us.

More good times. Try not to think about leaving tomorrow.

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