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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little stuff on the shovelhead

I had a decel pop when it was hot. So that's most likely an exhaust leak. I checked the rear exhaust pushrod and it fine(not too tight). So I pulled the pipe and I think the black on the gasket is my leak. I don't know how many times I have re-used these gaskets.

A shovelhead gasket and ...

evo gasket(17048-98) together of course. The evo gasket needs a careful stretch to fit.

I was having a little shift problems so I adjusted my shift linkage and clearanced the bearing support a bit for this bolt.

See where it was hitting?

I thought the engine mainseal was the cause of the left side leaks. It was leaking just a bit, but not that much for how much was everywhere.

Okay I think I found the problem on my oil filter connections. I know they were tight with teflon tape when I put them on. Retape those and hope for the best. I still need to get a new main seal and actually grease it when I put it in.

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