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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Souvenirs from Shovelfest

What a trip as always. I thought it would cool to let my best innerweb friends sign my bashed-in tank and then hang them on the wall or something, but I actually think I will run these like this for awhile. It's cool to carry all my friends with me. I need a new paint pen, and I will have my wife and boys sign it too.

The bad thing is I have to worry about the paint on the tanks again. If I lose anybody, then I will have to find them again on the road to re-sign it.

Other mementos, a small glass from San Angelo, TX from DonKillam. A wall hanger from the Joplin Truckstop from Corkpuller, and bottle of George's high test parts cleaner.

With all the troubles of my troublehead Arley gave me this to hang on the wall, too.

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