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Friday, August 15, 2014

Sheepskin Seat Cover

Through a strange series of events, I lost my Alaska Leather Sheepskin Buttpad. I know I could always order another, but I decided to make a new one. I figured for the price of a complete seat, I could get a full hide and make at least two. For some reason, it is really hard to find a dyed black short sheered hide to start. I did find a nice black long hair sheepskin rug on Amazon though. So I went with that.

Start with a Braum's sack for pattern paper.

Mark it up a bit.

Cut the basic shape for one side.

Mark the middle of the pattern relative to the seat.

Fold it down the middle

Cut the other side to match, just like Valentine's Day heart.

Tape the middle pattern to the middle of the seat.

Mark and trim off the back.

This looks about right.

Here's the skin I used.

This fits about right on this end of the skin.

Mark about here.

Test cut with my kitchen shears to make sure they are up for the job at hand.

The picture is fuzzy and so is the cover. It's just about right.

A little more trim work.

Mark the nose piece for an elastic strap.

Mark the middle for a webbing strap with buckles.

Now have your wife sew an elastic strap across the nose and a strap and buckle in the middle.

Good to go. Kind of fuzzy, I could shear it down, but I kind of like the look for now. It's about the only creature comfort on a rigid doing a 400 mile or more day. Then take it off when I don't need it.

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