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Friday, August 29, 2014

Shovelfest VII Sunday

Time to break camp. Dennis couldn't get his tent to go flat and Clive tried to help. I think these guys were just looking for a reason to cuddle though.

We rode a while back to Arkansas and it was dang hot for sure. We stopped for lunch at Crumpie's 11-Point Smokehouse in Couch, MO for lunch. Excellent food.

We stopped again in Mammoth Springs for another cool down. It took us all day to make the 400 or so miles back to Dennis and Julie B's place.

Well, it seems my pictures slow down as fatigue sets in.

We had an ice cream stop and a dinner stop.

After the dinner stop, we only had a few miles to go and my bike quit pulling. I thought the belt broke again, but I can fix it myself on the side of the road. I pulled over and still had a belt.  For some reason my clutch hung open. I hammered the throttle and everything hooked back up. I had already lost the group and it was dark in rural Arkansas. I drove a bit more, but I was concerned I had missed a turn, so I stopped. I finally managed to call in and get good directions to Dennis'. I beat the clutch basket with my hammer until I felt better. Dennis then helped me adjust the clutch pressure properly. I didn't replace the springs, when I did the rest of the clutch. Oil is still coming out the mainseal and at a heavy rate. Stay tuned for a post about replacing the clutch springs, adjusting it like Dennis taught me, and removing the screen in my breather gear.

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