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Friday, August 29, 2014

Shovelfest VII Monday

Did I mention that fatigue really slows my picture taking?

Mark and Rob took off together for Texas and Lawton. Super Dave left for his 100 mile run home, too. I changed my oil and finally got my stuff together and took off. The oil change should have happened the night before, but the clutch issue got me in late and took some time and energy. I took off planning on burning down the toll roads and getting home. I think the clutch hung open on me once, but I'm not positive. Dang, it was hot. A little over 200 miles should only be one gas stop, but I think I stopped three times. At the last stop, about 60 miles from home, I kicked and kicked and couldn't make it happen. It was bad enough that some random idiot told me I had flooded it. I have never flooded this thirsty 93 incher. Well, guess what. The kill switch was off the whole time. I always use the kill switch and always check it and the petcock before I kick it, but I guess not always. Kill switch on and one kick and I was headed home. Paul's offer to trailer us to Tennessee for next year's fest sounds pretty dang good.

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