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Thursday, June 16, 2016

South Central Shovelfest 2016 - Friday Part 1

So off we go to West Texas for South Central Shovelfest 2016. I'm bummed that I had some oil on my camera lens and the light did some funny things, but otherwise enjoy the pictures.

So I had a literately had a caravan following me. A Dodge Grand Caravan with my wife, kids, and a trailer. Squeezing a 400 mile trip into 550 miles in 12 hours is fine on a motorcycle. But 12 hours in car, when grandma and grandpa aren't at the other end, is rough on a wife and kids. I won't do it that way again.

The plan was to go to my buddy Hotsauce's house for the trailer and bring him along for part of the ride. Then we would catch Rob at Duncan and go try and find Ed in Nocona. As we were connecting the trailer, we got a call from Ed. He was going to be Wichita Falls for the day. So we had to go farther west and then go back east to catch the rest of the crew in Mineral Wells. We would go back west again to Water Valley.

Here's the first gas stop of the day in Duncan. Mama did fine on a few gravel roads.

Rob's bike.

A poor old Cadillac wasting a way nearby.

It was sharing a lot with these of old chevys.

Here's Hotsauce and Rob waiting on me to quit taking pictures so we can get going.

So we took the longest route possible to a Whataburger in Wichita Falls. Believe it or not that brand new set of tie downs rode from rural Marlow all the Wichita Falls, gravel roads and highways, and was still there where I sat it. Ed's phone call got me all messed up.

Ed and bitty boy doing their usually shenanigans. Ed couldn't make the trip, but he really wanted me to get this hardware back to Don.

Well poop, it's still leaking out the crank. I'm going to go back set the breather timing on the marks and hope that fixes it.

Typical pose.

Farther down in Texas somewhere, Hotsauce turned around and went home.

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