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Thursday, June 16, 2016

South Central Shovelfest 2016 - Sunday Wrap-up

I was just about home and I got a call from Mike(Speedjunkie). His regulator had quit in Snyder. Mike only had my number because KenK had it and happened by where he was broke. We called Hippy in Lawton and he couldn't help. His truck was broken from the 8 inches of rain in Lawton that day. Then Rob got home and called his Indy shop owner a Sunday, but he didn't have the right one. So Mike charged his battery and Rob took his battery and they got Mike's bike to Rob's house in Lawton. I came back to Lawton with my trailer and drug his bike to my house in OKC for the night.

We had a good regulator, but it was on my bike. So we robbed my bike and Mike went back to Kansas in the morning.

JamesD brought me a NOS regulator from his stash later in the week.

South Central Fest was great. Thanks to Don and Barb for setting it up and thanks to everyone that made it great.

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