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Thursday, June 16, 2016

South Central Shovelfest 2016 - Saturday Part 1

So Nolan(gator25) rolls in at like 3AM and straight throws a sleeping down and passes out. He had ridden across most Louisiana and Texas to get here.

About 8 or so the next morning, he thinks someone is throwing pebbles at this head to mess with him. So he throws back his sleeping bag to yell boo at them and low and behold he was eye ball to eye ball with a buzzard that had been peeking at his head. (Photo credit to KenK)


Texas Mark made breakfast tacos.

Speedjunkie's bike.

WGLDRDR's bike.

Kye's bike Black Betty.

Jason's Half@ss Shovel. It made it there and back with no issues amazingly enough. Part of the reason I brought a trailer actually.

Trent's bike with a new seat. This what he had to say about finding the seat.

"So one of the cool stories on my ride thru Texas last weekend was a complete stranger walking up to my bike and saying he had "The" seat for it in a small town in nowhere Texas at a gas stop. This guy has had this seat for 20 years just sitting in his garage. He gave me a heck of a good deal on it ($50) and it is like new. Matches the bike good."

Pibb's bike Ralph.

Kenk and his bike.

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