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Thursday, June 16, 2016

South Central Shovelfest 2016 - Friday Part 2

We made it to the rendezvous in Mineral Wells at a place called Woody's. I have never seen a Quonset hut with insulation sprayed on the outside of it like this before, but it seemed to work.

Around the table, JamesD, Shemp, Rob, Texas Mark, and Shawna.

This looks like a serious discussion about politics or Mark's bike shop in the '90's.

Another group photo and I got to be in it.

We stopped in historic Thurber. "Historic" means ain't nothing happen there in a long time.

The wildflowers were out thick. All kinds of colors everywhere. I don't if it was because of the really wet year or what. If I been by myself I would have stopped for more pictures. The prickly pears were in bloom. Several on the side of the road were just covered in yellow flowers.

However, this is only picture I managed to get though.

There's about all that's left of the brick plant.

Another little flower.

I assume these are genuine Thurber paving bricks.

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