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Friday, July 1, 2016

Cam seal replacement with Jim's Tool 2243

I needed to go ahead and change the cam seal that was leaking while I was adjusting the breather timing.  JamesD was kind enough to give me some seals and lend me his Jim's Tool 2243 to swap it with. It's really a handy tool.

This is specific to using the Jim's tool, but it's a cheat sheet I made a long time ago. The bolts are different lengths in different spots and this is very helpful.

All the bits and pieces.

This cross bar goes across the ignition plate screw holes.

The middle spins down to bottom out on the cam seal. You need to put the holes in the cup at 6 and 12 o'clock.

Wood screws go in these holes and into the old seal.

The instructions act like you can start the screws by hand, but it wasn't that easy. Leaning hard on the impact driver made quick work of it.

Back out the middle screw and the seal comes straight out.

There's the old seal.

Grease the new seal and get it started.

Put the tool back in, less the wood screws, and old seal of course.

Screw the middle screw in until it bottoms out on the cam cover.

New seal is set.

This tool also lets you pull stuck cam covers without hitting anything with a hammer and minimal swear words. Just put the smaller cup inside the larger cup and run it down inside the cover. The small cup will push on the end of the cam and off pops the cover. (Take all the cam cover bolts out first though.)

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