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Friday, July 1, 2016

Back to stock breather timing

So this engine is still hemorrhaging oil out the crank, cam seal, rear rocker box, and push rod tubes, or maybe some from the case split. Way back when, it was blowing oil out the breather. So I timed the breather gear with a degree wheel. The degree wheel lead me to belief that the gear needed to be one tooth off. The real problem was the wrong cam cover gasket. I fixed the gasket, but oil is seeping out heavily everywhere else. I just put the breather timing back to the marks yesterday and replaced the cam seal(see upcoming post). I will clean everything and see if that fixes it.

The left picture is the one with the marks aligned, the right picture is the alignment that I thought I needed.

1 comment:

  1. hi my friend. i have had major problems too. since putting rebuilt engine in its always puked oil and major blow by. after changes of seal and new pistons barrels ( bad rings low compression can cause blow by too. I check the timing of my S&S breather gear ( I put that in in the hope of better scavenge which it did). So i discovered that the engine buider had opened the window up so much that it was impossible to get a decent scavenge. So after trying original gear timing I went back to S&S with degree wheel and moved forward one notch. This hasn't cured it but its 70% better.