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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Genuine Harley-Davidson Bug Remover

This actually started as a joke on my Instagram feed. I saw these at a local HD Dealer and took a picture.

"What's the saddest part? These exist, these are almost sold out, or that the parts guy asked me, "what's a super E? " At least they still carry 50 weight. They used have it out on a shelf, now they look it up in a catalog to find the part number."

Well some how or another, a shovelhead friend decided to send me some with the help of his unknowing daughter. She's a shovelheader, too.

While I'm still not a paid endorser(I did get these for free), I need to check them out and do a review.

I don't really have fancy paint or a windshield that I would need to stop and wipe down, but my helmet and visor do get really nasty. I honestly don't know why you would use a special moist treated wipe if you still needed to start with a water hose. I figured I would see how they do without water on my helmet and visor.  I also don't have a Genuine Harley microfiber cloth or Genuine Harley Gloss, whatever that is.

I figured I would try this out on my crusty bugged helmet with no water. I did lay in on the bugs, and let it "soak" for a bit, before I starting wiping with it.  I am very pleasantly surprised with the results.

I used a clean dry bandana to swipe it down and there wasn't any issue with streaking on my vision. That's a big deal considering that a streaked up visor is worse than a bugged up visor riding at night.

There was still enough towel left to work over the van bumper, but there's probably no hope for that to look nice again.

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