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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mid-West Mini-Fest Tuesday Part 2

Most folks don't have anything nice to say about driving through Kansas. I must say going East to West seems to take forever to get to Denver, but honestly Eastern Colorado is about as bland as Western Kansas. Anyhow I do love driving through the Flint Hills.

I just don't have equipment or expertise to capture the place in a photograph.

The beauty and grandeur that is the America West. Those dots are cattle. Beside the fences keeping the cattle off the highway you don't see any other fences. I would bet that working cattle in open county like this would take real cowboys on horseback the same way it did 140 years ago.

Blue skies and green pastures...

as far as you can see.

The countryside gives way to the city as it always does. Kansas City Skyline.

Watching the clouds cutting through Missouri.

I took a huge bug, but luckily over my nose and not really in front of either eye.

WOW! They still have brand new tapes for retail sale at the truck stop. Sadly, nothing even worth getting as a novelty though.

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