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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Longbow Custom fixes this Stroker Shovelhead: Part 4

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: 

On to the pushrods. When we finished the day that Daniel and Jeff tore down and started back up with this motor, Daniel inventoried all the parts and gaskets I had brought to finish the job to see what else was needed. He asked me about pushrod seals and I was kind of surprised. I figured I would do those once the motor was back in the frame. So I asked him how he would do them without a primary hooked up. That's when he showed me that nifty wrench.

Finally looking like a motor again.

Fresh stator.

Rotor on.

Oil lines.

On to the intake, yes my intake hasn't been correct. It's a zero, but I need a plus one for this stroker.

Daniel searched the shop, but could only find a plus two. The fit is a lot better and should work just fine.

O-rings and bands.

Trap door goes on.

Okay, here's Daniel's incredible feat of strength for the day. After he built the steering stops on my frame for my springer(blog on that will be published soon), he was ready to put the motor into the frame. I had assumed that the roller would be put onto the lift and motor worked from there. So there we were by the lift with the bike about twenty feet away and motor sitting on the floor about halfway between. Daniel walks toward the motor and bike, picks up the motor and carries it into the frame all while almost not breaking stride, let alone straining or asking for help. It was pretty amazing. I have seen a lot folks hug and carry motors, but nothing like that.

They never want to line up easy though. Even Daniel's dad had to help Daniel and Jeff.

A little closer now.

Jeff gets the bolts tight enough for the trailer ride home.

We slapped the right tank on it for a photo op.

This is coming together nicely.

I like it.

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