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Friday, December 30, 2016

Longbow Customs fixes this Stroker Shovelhead: Part 2

Part one is here.

I will start off this episode with a shout out to JamesD for having a stator to replace my stator with plug wires starting to chafe. He didn't have a stator to match the regulator. The regulator I had gotten from him when we had to K-ball my bike to get Speedjunkie home. So JamesD had a 32 amp stator and regulator instead. It's not as pretty, but it should work fine.

Time for Daniel to get back to business. The cases needed a helicoil for the tappet block, and the connecting rods needed wristpins and wristpin bushings.

Pull the camcover back off. Loosen the bolts.

But the ignition needs to come out before the cover.

Off with tappet block that has the bad threads.

The front outside bolt hole of the rear tappet is the problem.

So this oddball pitch meant that the proper helicoil kit had to be ordered. And wasn't even a kit, just the inserts and tap sold seperately.

It should be a G bit, but he didn't know that ahead of time and he used the closest bit we had. That's an internet helicoil table.

I always double check to make sure the insert fits the fastener especially on a odd ball pitch into a part that I really don't want to mess up.

Jeff helped hold the vacuum hose to the hole while Daniel drilled in out.

Then the tap.

Install the insert.

Install the tappet block. The fastener holds torque, success.

Going back up. More assembly fluid never hurt anything.

I suppose Daniel didn't trust my previous two teeth off breather timing efforts. We wanted to verify.

Ran it through the degree wheel several times.

He finally settled to what he thought was correct timing.

His timing was only one tooth off.

Back on to it's side to get at the wristpin bushings.

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