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Sunday, August 29, 2010

08 Grand Caravan rear brakes

Okay, this was one of those super easy jobs that wasn't easy the first time. I won't show all the learning I did on the left side just the correct work on the right.

First lift the rear end up and put jack stands under it, then take the wheel off.

Take out the guide pin bolts.(13mm hexhead) You may need to use a backer wrench if everything wants to spin.

Pull the caliper off and out of the way. The pad holder stays on the wheel.

Now use an 18mm to get the two bolts out that hold the pad holder in place.

Take out the old pads

Whack the rotor until it gives loose and will come off.

Now you need to pull the piston back in to the caliper. A regular C-Clamp won't get the job done. The piston must be screwed in the caliper not just shoved in. You need one of these. I borrowed one from my local Irish AutoZone (O'Reilly's)

Turn it 'til it seats.

New rotor on and pad holder go on.

Pads in the clips.

Looking good.

I must have thought I was done, because that's my last picture. All you have to do to finish is put the caliper back on and the tighten the guide pin bolts. Then put your wheel on and try not to screw up the lug nuts and wheel hub studs, but that's another story.

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