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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fork teardown and top tree

Let's get these forks apart so the sliders can go to the powdercoater.

The tiny ring holds the spring cap in place. You have to push the cap down and work the ring out. This is easier to do with the fork tube in the triple tree(unloaded spring) or in a soft vise, but it can be done otherwise. Hold the tube push the cap with a large screwdriver and hold the pressure on the screwdriver with your forehead and take out the ring.

Take the dust seal out. You'll probably tear that up.

Another retaining ring in the here, but luckily no spring pressure.

Take this screw out. (Remember we broke it loose earlier on the bike to drain the tubes.)

Slide hammer the tube to get the seal out, and you're done. Legs go to powdercoater.

I'm running the wiring through the bars so I will need a hole in the tree for the wires, too.
3 and 1/2 inches between centers and 1/2 bolt, so 2 inches is the center of the tree, but...

this is the bottom of the tree. Notice the center is thicker and is designed to hold the load, so I don't think putting a hole there is a good idea.

How about here.

That will work.

Off center, but still strong and you hopefully won't notice.

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