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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Left side bag for the Vulcan

Okay, I'm going to mount the other bag from a set of throwovers on the left side of my Vulcan like I did with the Shovelhead.( This is a bit more tricky with swing arm frame. I started with a set of Kawasaki Fire and Steel bag supports. They should fit like this.

That's too far back especially if I want to cut down that rear fender. So let's move it forward. Like this.

Cut the tab off first.

Dress the edge a bit.

This hole is threaded, but need a through hole.

These holes don't like up, but I knew that already.

Black pipe persuation.

A little at a time and you're there.
This is good, but I need to buy bolts. I had some too long and too short.

Bag on. Doesn't look as cool as the rigid set-up, but that's the price for rear suspension. The bag support does keep the bag out of the shock and swing arm.

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