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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Front fender chopping

I'm not sure how much I really want to run a front fender on this bike, but I figured I would have one to be legal or go crosscountry or something. So I need a cool cut down one of course.

I think the lines of the new chopped front fender should parallel the bottom of the triple tree. So a level and protractor should help us.

Transfer to the fender.

There it is on the fender.

Do both sides and verify that both sides are even.

Copy the radius of the fender tip.

Make the pattern.

Center the pattern on the fender.

Transfer the radius on the fender.

The front end of the fender is now ready to be cut.

Kite string gets the line to the backside of the fender.

Let's transfer that line down one inch.

Naaah... let's cut it even with the front.

Put lines the lines around fender and check that everything is even. Now use the same radius pattern.

Final line on the back.

Time to cut.

Front end hogged off.

Here's a brilliant idea, clamp it to the workvbench.

To the back end.

Rear end hogged off.

Hmmm.. should I put a radius on the sides, too? We'll have to see how the mock up looks.

Wow I was really outside the line here so I had to cut some more.

Now switch to the grinding wheel.

Looking good.

Clean up the edges a bit more with a file.

Oh yeah, I like that.

No radius needed the straight lines are perfect for the rough bob job look.

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