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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slam the fender

Okay the front fender is a bit high, and I think we can fix that with a lowering plate. Otherwise I would have to cut, section, and reweld the fender mounts.

Throw some hose on there to make sure we have clearance.

We can do it.

Measure the fender mount...

Transfer to the metal piece.

Measure the height....

Double it and transfer to the metal.


Oops not a great cut.

Fix it.

Sand the edges to be safe.

Cut again.

Two plates cut.

Center punch the hole locations.(It would be better to measure, but you can get by like this.)

Four spot to drill.

Center drill.



Looking good.

Things went terribly wrong about right here. I use the first plate to mark the second. I guess I should have used the fender again.

My center drills were way out of place.

I tried to line up the first holes and use the first plate as a drill guide.

It was better, but I need to remove this much to work with fender.

Trusty dremel. This will be the left side plate for sure.

Bolt them to the fork.

Mount the fender. Clearance is still good.

The plates need the corners rounded and they will probably be painted to match the fender.

Before and after.

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