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Monday, February 10, 2014

Almost got my fresh tanks on

Drain the gas from the old tanks.

Remove dash bolt.

Remove top mount bolts.

It takes long extensions to get at them.

Same with the bottom front mounts.

Disconnect the bottom crossover. I tried to not make a gas mess, but I still got gas everywhere.

Back bolt for the right tank comes off.

Disconnect the vent crossover.

This is me running to other side of the bike to catch the left tank that decided to pivot on its back bolt, when I disconnected the vent tube.

Okay, I got the tanks off safely. So I need to strip off the goodies. The petcock has all kinds of crap on it. I think it's looks like tank liner. I think I will start checking this screen about once a year or so.

All the rubbers are thrashed, but I need those spacers.

I have been running rare earth magnets to catch rust, too.

Still got gas coming out.

I thought I had spare grommets, but they were something smaller(right). Well I guess I need to do a parts run.

After my vapor locking last summer Rocketdog sent me an insulator for my fuel line.

Cut it to length.

This should work.

The tanks can't go on, so what about the front fender? I remembered the mismatched hardware and I decided to get matching stuff instead.

Leave it set all naked and cold.

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