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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OKC 2014 Motorcycle Show

Here's the panaromanic of my bikes and others Saturday morning before it opened.

Most of my set-up.

All lined up.

Big Boy's Bike.

Cattle Punch.

A little self promotion, of course.

Mama Tried.

I had to put the old tanks out, just to make folks wonder.


Off from the show and on to the breakfast meet-up. Cattlemen's for breakfast, Johnnie, Donny, Danny, Paul, Craig, and Jason.

Columbus showed up and then Paul started making motorcycle noises and such.

Then Paul started flying hand airplanes.

Nothing but business on this side of the table.

These guys finally sat still, too.

Jack and his crew finally showed up.(I need a better camera.)

Back to the show. This was pretty cool.

This was the ONLY table of cool parts in the whole show.

I thought this was a cool piece, too.

I must say this show was pretty lame over all. I think there were more parts at a regular Sunday swapmeet. I only dug through a few buckets and I only found one lonely peg to buy and I gave $5 for a $1 peg. I found only one antique style grip and he wanted $10 for it and wouldn't take $5. A new set is only $30. There were no Kidney tool boxes to be found and nothing with the old swan design that I could find either. I know that's not a list of anything anyone needs, but it's what I always buy. Even my wife said, "there's not that many parts."

The number of bikes and vendors was way down, too. The second building wasn't even full. The stunt shows were dropped this year, too. There were a bunch of cars in the show. I guess whatever will bring in money and not cost money is good for the show.

The crowds were way down, too. I was there open to close both days. I don't know if it was because it was nicest weather we have had in a month or so or "CA" poker run on Sunday.

Check out my pics and blogs from previous Oklahoma City Shows in 2010, 2011 and here, 2012 and 2013 for comparison sake.

Any who, back to the better parts of this year.

Check out this Penton.

The Penton won the Off Road category. And that's fair enough, but I have to gripe some more of course. Both of my little bikes got classed in the Off Road category.I thought this was because there were less categories because of less bikes being entered. But that wasn't the case, there was a mini-bike class(won by this 70cc bike) and an Asian under 250cc in which my CT90 has placed before. Yeah, yeah, sour grapes or I'm missing the point or something.

Water buffallo.



I believe this won or placed second in the Custom Shovelhead Category.

Not sure what to think about this one.

I dug these two bikes for sure.


Mike's Shovel, Pan, and more recent build a Knuckle.

My wife and kids showed up and I didn't get decent pictures of the Knuckle. I'm sure I will see more of it at Just Kickers in April.

Big Boy had to pose with his bike for a bit.

Little brother, too.

And mom.

Shovel Bum's Shovelhead motor.

Sometimes the best bike show is in the parking lot. This original Drifter with a side hack was pretty cool. I haven't seen it around.

A cool shovelhead.

I guess if you can't handle a big bike get a Victory?

If you can't handle a big bike stick with Cushmans.

I keep reading about xs650 chops on the innerwebs, but this is the first I think I have seen IRL. I wouldn't mind finding a donor though.

This was a good shovelhead.

British bikes.

More little Hondas.

Really old stuff.

This is what Big Boy's bike looked like at some point in its past.

More really old stuff.

(I need a real camera and a real photographer to take pictures for me.)

This one was in the Off Road category, too.

These three 1965's won, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the American Classic category. I'm not sure which was which though.

End of the day meal. What my friends think of my tripod and camera timer.

Day two. This was supposed to be a six thousand dollar paint job. This was the third place bike in Custom Shovelhead.

Chinese numbers on the speedo, too.

You know the show is over when Papa's Leather Barn strips the hoochie mamma pant mannequins and stacks then to load them up.

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