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Thursday, February 6, 2014

CT70 Finishing Up: Headlight, Horn, Fender, Decals

Here's the bare-ish spot I don't like.

All better with some tape

Front fender and horn are next. Now that I can get at them. Short bolt to the bottom of the tree and long bolts through the tree to the horn.

Fender goes on.

Short bolt here.

Cleaned up the horn some. The wire connection is still broken, but I will put it on for now.

Horn shoehorns in.

Two long bolts here.

Up through to the nut plates on the horn.

Cable guide goes here.

Big boy gets it done.

Looking good.

I missed the picture of the pigtail doing the half twist into the reflector. The top of the trim ring catches the bucket and screw holds the bottom.

Looking good.

I just stuck these ties on here for now. I need to look at some internet pictures to see how these are supposed to actually fit and hold stuff together.

I have to clean the greasy fingerprints off the frame, before I put the decals on. .

Big Boy wanted a black bike with "skeleton heads" and flames, easy enough.

Oh man this frame seam will affect where I need to put the decals.

Here you go.

Other side.

Almost symmetrical.

Flames on the front fender, too.

Super tight.

Another couple of decals. Big Boy loves it.

I'm calling it showable at this point.

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