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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shovelhead Rattlecan Repaint Part 4 - Decals

So I ordered up some decals from I had one font picked out and they accidentally sent me something different. They made it right and sent my original order, but the crazy part is that I actually liked the wrong decals more than what I ordered.

So I was going to pick up my tanks and front fender from Lummie's, so I didn't bring my camera, just my cheap GoPhone. So these pictures aren't great, but you can see the basic process.

Planning is the first step.

Then pull the backing and stick it.

Be careful. It took us more than one try.

Once it's there, work it from the middle out with a spatula. The sign company sent one with the order.

Then peel the front off. Notice the line on the E is off from one of our aborted attempts.

Lummie managed to save it though.

A little more spatula work.

Decal is looking good. (Lummie's camera phone is a lot better than mine for sure.)

Next up the stripe. I hope 4 year old One-Shot is still good.

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