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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Tank Bib - Part 1

Here's my pathetic excuse for a tank bib. Genuine naugahyde and yes a pocket to keep a piece of milk jug in to make it stiff enough not to sag in between the tanks. It was only temporary like three years ago.

It worked kind of like this with the tanks on. I need to make something with a hole in the middle that will stay in place. This thing got to be a mess once I started to add electronics to the day. Nothing like being reminded of things that didn't work right the first time. A headlight switch was added when the VW relay set-up didn't work out correctly. The voltage meter was added because of charging issues. The neutral was added to help me figure out jockey shifting which I abandoned during other engine and transmisssion issues, but I may revisit that idea again.

Here's the start to my pattern for my new bib. It seems that Braum's and liquor stores are the only places you can get brown paper sacks from these days.

I figure 6 1/2 inches is a good width to start with. So cut the piece and left it as long as I could to start with.

I folded it in half down the middle and marked out about where I need the hole to be.

Cut out the hole like a grade school Valentine's heart.

A mock up of the pattern showed I need a bigger hole. So I did that. Again.

Once I was comfortable with the hole in my pattern, it was time to get to work on the leather. Cut it to a 6 1/2 inch wide strip.

Lay out the pattern on the leather.

Start cutting with the Exacto knife.

A mock up with the real piece showed that the hole still wasn't quite there yet.

A little more cutting to do.

I think the hole is good now.

I have no idea how many times I put it on, marked it, took it off, and cut it to get the fit and shape I wanted. Here's what I'm calling good.The edges aren't perfect or really pretty, but the final product will have lacing around the edges though. I hope lacing is to leatherwork what caulking is to construction.

I started into practicing making the holes for the lacing with this piece. I think the leather I have is the meanest cow that ever lived. I got a few tips from Joker on how to do this easier and I'll show more of the process on my next blog about it.

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