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Monday, April 28, 2014

Just Kickers 2014 - Friday Part 1

Dean came in from North Dakota. Johnnie and Jason wanted to know all about the trip down.

More firewood was gathered.

Johnnie is an excellent supervisor.

Dean's bobber bike.

Jack rolled in. That's always good because he brings Susie and lots of groceries.

We did a little run down to Dougherty, America. For future references the state really improved the High Road to Falls Creek, but the Baptists had it blocked off to through traffic at Falls Creek. I don't know if it's always blocked like that or only during events. They had one going. I'm pretty dissapointed about this development of blocking the road and yes I can complaint as someone who has put some money and estate planning towards the SBC and Falls Creek specifically.

We still got to Dougherty though.

Then on to Lake Murray.

A nice shade tree and scenery.

Stephen took this picture so I could be in one.

We almost had a five bike pile up when a brand new red Cadillac, that we were behind, stopped and turned in left. It either didn't have taillights or the LED blended in with the red car in the sunlight, but it was pucker for the whole crew getting shutdown in time.

We ate at a cool old diner in Ardmore, but I didn't get pictures because my bike was eating fuses every time I turned on the hi beam and so I had to mess a bit and then I was too hungry to get any pictures.

Next stop was Johnnie's shop out back of his house.

I wonder how much Johnnie wants for that truck?

I was popping headlight fuses at a pretty good rate at this point in the day. I pulled apart the dash and found the under dash is a bit close to the switch and the connections were a bit loose, too. The mounting tabs of my fuse box are breaking, too. I did some temporary fixes, but I will have to figure better fixes soon enough.

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