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Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Tank Bib - Part 3

This needs to be finished.

Black dye it.

Both sides.

After it all dried, then I used Satin Shene on it, but Joker tells me I shouldn't use that. Some black came off when the shene went on.

The leather was really stiff so I figured why not try some Lexol on it, too.

This is disappointing, it was so stiff and cracked in a couple places. But the Lexol seemed to help.

Now to lace it up. I used this video to learn how.

A little bit of time and there you go. Once you get started it's pretty easy and fun.

Another mock-up.

Now to the second goal of this project. I had a friend give me this pin quite a while back. I haven't been able to run it anywhere and I wanted to put it on a nice tank bib. I did a practice attachment on a scrap.

I have these deals, too.

I need something like this on my nice bib.

Mark it.

Punch it.

Looking good, but...

I need to "countersink" the holes to get the pin flush.

This transfer punch was about the right size.

A little work and it fits good.

Loctite the tiny set screws.

Ready to go.

Perfect, or at least good enough for my bike.

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