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Monday, April 28, 2014

Just Kickers 2014 - Thursday

I loaded up my new home made compression sack t-bag and went to work for the day.

Then I hauled butt down there as quick as I as could when I got done with work. The bag worked great. Think I need to add some D-rings or molle-style straps to the outside for more strap down points though.

I got down there and we set camp. Johnnie supervised and Marv and Rob went to work on a tent.

Johnnie's bike, looking good.

More folks rolling in.

I'm set up and ready for the weekend. Rule #1. Always set your tent before you crack open a beer or you might sleep on the ground.

Now I can sit down and listen to people tell lies about the last run and the ride in.

Rule #2. Wear sunscreen. This burn happened after the ride in, but before the evening.

Curt's bikes.

Just a little carb tweak on the JD.

This was a little funnier at the time, but Marv and Johnnie own matching pocket knives.

I thought this was a nice touch in the restrooms.

Evening set in and I tried out my home made alcohol stove and grease dispenser to boil water for a back packer meal. It worked good. I may need to build a windscreen for it though. (It also worked good to make coffee with my Wal-Mart personal coffee press, too.)

Ed and his crew rolled in from Texas.

Rob and Ed. Bro hugs all around.

Ed gave up on the electronic speedo on the six speed. He's got an app for that now and here's his USB port to keep his phone charged.

Taking notes?


Night, night, see you in the morning.

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