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Friday, March 23, 2012

Breather gear one tooth adjustment

Yes, the oil misting out the crankcase is still giving all kinds of problems. I had heard about moving the breather gear by one tooth, but I wanted to know more about it. I asked S&S about it their on Facebook page. They were very helpful and initially told me their gears were timed to work correctly without an adjustment. A gentlemen named X-Glide Scott(I believe he works for S&S) chimed in and said the early ones were timed differently. The late ones have a "T" mark earlier ones have a line. Thinking that I had an earlier one from that description, I asked for pictures of the later ones and where the mark lines up with the screen. Again the folks at S&S were very helpful and showed me these pictures of their breather gears.

Even with all my picture taking I do, I didn't have a picture of my breather gear to compare against the S&S pictures. So I pulled the pushrods, ignition, camcover, and then the breather gear. Worth the effort, my screen doesn't line up with the timing mark like the S&S late model breather gears.

This is the "normal" line up.

I need the screen to line up with mark on the cam so one tooth counterclockwise.

It seemed to better, but ....

still misting.

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