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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bigger Battery and Broken Oil bag

Several weeks ago the shovelhead left me walking with a dead battery.

I thought it was the headlight circuit, but then I couldn't get it to repeat, so I suspected the battery was just too small and my buddy J. had a spare late model sportster battery to donate to the cause. The problem was I had build the battery box around the little battery. (file photo)

So I pull out the oil bag and look at this. The bracket is broke in two. I think this may be my electrical problem because the battery grounds through this bracket.

So go to see J., he's my neighbor and new best friend because he knows Harleys and has plasma cutter and welder. Here he is in action. He cleans it up and gets to welding.

Other broken spots.

Reinforcing the bracket.

This is me cutting one of the old battery tabs.

J. cuts the old "shelf" back to get the bigger battery in.

A hammer opens up the metal to get the battery in.

Like a glove!

There were swear words, more hammering, more grinder, and alot of motorcycle disassembly to get this back into the bike, but it's in now. I also added a heavy duty ground strap and connected it to the seat post coil boss.

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