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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busted Coil

Why this running funny? Oh crap!

I needed to get this thing fixed to go the Smokeout Party last Sunday night.

I know I cracked this one because I over torqued it one time not watching what I doing. So I needed to make a metal support for both sides and I should be able to use it on the new one, too.

Mark 'em and cut 'em.

Dress 'em a bit.

Mark the holes.

I was doing it quick and dirty so I wanted drill both at once and so I had to rig this so my clamp would hold both tight.

Center drill and drill.


NO! My quick marking sucked and I had to get all OCC and further over size the holes with a uni-bit.

Now it bolts together, but it's still broke. So I get the 100 lb zip-tyes to fix that.

Ugly, but runs fine. Off to the party.

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