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Sunday, June 6, 2010

electrical problems

Dang shovelhead left me walking again or at least calling for truck to haul me home. Battery died out. I thought geez not again I just put this battery in like two months ago. Should I get a bigger battery and figure out how to bolt that thing down tighter?

Some troubleshooting showed that battery was at 11.37 V and that should work, but turn the key on and the voltage drops like a rock down to like 4.

I have four 10 amp fuses and none had blown. So I turn the key on with only one fuse in at a time. Headlight circuit is causing the voltage drop or that could still be a weak battery, because the headlight is the biggest draw on the system. I pulled the headlight bulb and the voltage still dropped like crazy, so something is shorted somewhere. It's either a pinched wire or my fancy hi-lo latching relay crapped. If it's the relay then a heavy duty switch is going in instead, and the cool push button set-up just won't work on this bike.

I'll pull the right tank and start looking and checking.

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