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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here's the stock height of the rear fender. I'm planning on cutting the rear about where the blue tape is. You can almost see daylight through the top of the tire and the lip of the fender. You can also see the red mud on the tire from a dirt road adventure awhile back.

Here's the solution for that. 11.5 inch shocks, that's an inch under stock. I got these from Walmarty when traded off this wife's bike.

So you pick up the bike until the rear tire barely comes of off the ground.

Take the one shock off.

Be careful when you take the second shock off, because the swing arm and tire will drop.

Put the new shock in the nieghborhood and lower the jack until the shock fits.

Just about there, but I had to use my flat head valve tool to put the stubborn bushing in.

The second shock slides right on, once the first is in place.

Torque the all nuts.

All done! Easier to do than it was to blog.

It's not exactly slammed, but with the amount of floorboard scraping I've done since I lowered it, it will have to do.

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