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Sunday, August 7, 2011

1500 Classic pull throttle cable woes

I broke the pull cable on the 1500 Classic when I mocked up the apes. I have been running a set Carb'ed Nomad cables because the first one I ordered from Motion Pro through House of Kawasaki was way wrong. The bag was already opened and I thought it had been swapped.

The Nomad cables work, but they are too long and I don't like the way they are routed.

I ordered another Motion Pro Part number 03-0177 with some other stuff from Rocky Mountian ATV. Again this part was the same wrong cable, but I seen it listed in several application charts. It turns out the Tucker Rocky catalog was wrong and Motion Pro doesn't even make a black stock length cable with a black finish.

So I ordered a used set from eBay. The middle adjuster on the pull cable was broken, but I did get a refund from the seller.

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