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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Piston Clearance and/or Bottom end

So I borrowed a scope to look into the motor to see if I could find anything before I took it apart again. Though the sparkplug hole, we found scrapes inside the rear cylinder pretty quickly and assumed the wristpen blew out again and a new bottom end would be in order.

Top end comes off again...

The front headgasket ain't quite right either. If I use this head and cylinder again I will lap them together to get a better seal.

The scrapes on the front and rear of the cylinders not on the left and right were the wristpen would cause damage. Is this from improper piston clearance or the bad bottom end? Both cylinders are just as bad.

The rear right wristpen did get coughed out again though. The bottom will get redone. It really sucks because the Delkron cases with receipts for a fresh bottom end was basically the best part of the pile of parts I bought.

More pics of the damage.

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